Howard Jackson 1952-2023

Howard Jackson, a founder Director of 2G BioPOWER, died on Saturday 9th September.

Howard was a driving force behind 2G BioPOWER. Starting his career in construction he developed a keen interest in motorsport when refurbishing hospitality units at Brands Hatch. This turned into a passion as Howard first raced touring cars and then created and ran a touring car team. He was also an early advocate for biofuel use in motorsport.

Following a life-threatening illness which lead to the loss of a leg, Howard was determined to live for the day and, as far as possible, make a difference. He felt the worldwide enthusiasm for motor-sport would be a means to promote biofuels and aimed to align these two areas gaining attention at the top of F1. When seeking support from the UK Govt he was advised to produce a biofuel first, and so started a path to produce sustainable fuels useable in motorsport. This lead to the potential for tyre-derived oil to be converted into transport fuel and the formation of 2G BioPOWER, also aligning a transport-derived waste with his goals.

Howard was a strong advocate for the continued use of liquid biofuels as a route to sustainable transport, and the potential for tyre pyrolysis oil, but also kept is mind open to other fuels. He was prepared to push at any door in order to achieve his aims and was frustrated at the slow pace and frequent obduracy he faced. Despite failing health, he kept on to the very last always maintaining a positive attitude and driving towards his vision of recycling vehicle tyres to produce low-carbon transport fuel whilst reusing the carbon black and steel. One day this vision will be realised.

Max Berry captured Howard’s vision and passion in a video interview shortly before he died. Howard was very much aware of the challenges of securing rCB and TPO sales contracts in support of project development, but in this interview he focussed on tyre supply.

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