Michelin World First: Road Tyres using Enviro recovered Carbon Black

Michelin has announced new car tyres which use Enviro recovered Carbon Black as part of overall sustainable content of 45 percent. With new bus tyres having a sustainable content of 58 percent, Michelin is the first manufacturer in the world to announce tyres with a high proportion of environmentally sustainable materials. Both car and bus tyres are approved for use on ordinary road vehicles and have identical performance to current tyres.

Michelin has already developed a racing tyre for electric motorcycles, and one for cars that consists of a high proportion of recovered and sustainable materials, including Enviro’s recovered and ISCC-certified carbon black. According to Michelin, the tyres that have now been unveiled pave the way for the future technology that will be used to manufacture Michelin’s standard tyres in two to three years’ time. Michelin has set a target of using 100 percent renewable materials in all its tyres by 2050. In 2020 Michelin became Enviro’s single largest shareholder.

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