TPO Sale Brings UK Project Closer

Enviro has announced the first sale of its Tyre Pyrolysis Oil to a European refinery to evaluate its use in the production of transport fuels. Having gained ISCC for its TPO, Enviro expects to meet its client’s requirement for REACH registration in Q2 2022. This is a major step towards volume sales of TPO and thus for both Enviro’s new Swedish project and one in the UK.

Enviro has confirmed that the commercial terms are consistent its revenue calculations for a full-scale recycling plant as proposed in the UK.

TPO can be refined into partially-renewable transport fuel using well established processes. This can be achieved at bespoke, stand-alone, refinery. Using an existing refinery avoids the substantial additional CAPEX and supports the move from fossil to renewable feedstocks.

Several European chemicals and petrochemicals companies have expressed interest in using TPO, and some is already in use. Chemicals applications are of great interest; the demand for fuel production could be much larger and is also, currently, much more clearly supported by incentives, both in the UK and the EU.

2GB has worked for many years to ensure tyres and TPO are supported under the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. Transport fuel from TPO will qualify under the RTFO as a ‘Development Fuel’ and gain significant economic support.