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Industry Links

The following organisations are actively involved in tyre recycling and/or supporting the use of recovered Carbon Black.


Established in 2007, ARTIS provides research and development capabilities in a wide range of rubbers and polymers. They  have evaluated recovered Carbon Black extensively and are probably the leading consultancy on this material.

In 2017 they established an industry forum focused on the recovery and re-use of materials from wastes.


European Tyre Recycling Association

ETRA is the leading organisation representing the tyre and rubber recycling industry in Europe. It co-ordinates research projects, facilitates cross-industry cooperation and funding to identify new solution.

ETRA addresses all approaches to tyre recycling including pyrolysis and is frequently a forum for discussions on progress in this area.  It has accumulated a substantial amount of information from presentations at its conferences on pyrolysis over many years.



The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) represents the UK’s tyre recovery sector, which processes over 40 million used tyres every year – roughly 70% of UK tyre arisings.

It aims to represent and promote good practice within the tyre recovery sector and to provide an externally audited, legally compliant tyre collection and recovery service.


Recovered Carbon Black Annual Congress

The Recovered Carbon Black Congress has been designed as a forum for experts and innovators, who research, develop and commercialise recovered carbon black.

The Recovered Carbon Black Congress


Smithers provides a range of services including material testing, consultancy and market reports.  Amongst several other areas it addresses Carbon Black and organises the European Recovered Carbon Black Congress.


Tyre Company Focus

About 70% of the worlds carbon black is used in the manufacture of tyres. Tyre manufacturers therefore are the major potential users of recovered Carbon Black. All major manufacturers are now expressing specific interest in the use of recycled materials in general, and some focusing on rCB in particular.


Michelin is increasingly pro-active in exploring options for recycling materials, and is an investor in Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Their goals for 2020 include “Contribute to the development of the circular economy, with 30% of renewable or recycled materials, in the manufacture of tires".

Michelin 2020 Goals

Continental Tyres - Sustainability Report

This report defines Continental Tyre’s sustainability plans.  In it they state that they will increase the recycled materials in new tire production to 10% before 2025.

Continental Sustainability Report


Bridgestone has pledged to increase recycled materials in their products.  Their report indicates between 25% & 50% by 2050.

Bridgestone Sustainability Report


Pirelli was one of our earlier contacts.  They are making some initial noises over environmental responsibility – early days yet.

Pirelli Sustainability Leaflet


Hankook has stated its intent to increase the use of recycled resources in product manufacturing.

Specifically it observes that “recycled carbon is one of the byproducts generated through the pyrolysis of end-of-life tires. Using such recycled carbon for tires and other rubber products can help us reduce the depletion of resources that occur as part of the raw materials production process".

Hankook CSR Report