Tyres to Tyres

The production of tyres consumes roughly 70% of all the carbon black produced. It therefore also presents a massive market for recovered Carbon Black. Equally gaining the interest and focus of major rubber manufacturers is also key.

Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro) has made progress with both of these objectives by securing orders for its recovered Carbon Black (rCB), EnviroCB, from Trelleborg Lanka (Pvt) for the manufacture of solid tyres. https://www.envirosystems.se/en/news/trelleborg-lanka-places-serial-order-for-envirocb-annual-value-of-approximately-180000-eur/

The use of recovered materials in the manufacture of products is consistent with Trelleborg’s goal of reducing the environmental impact of both its processes and products.

Enviro has interest from many other major rubber and tyre manufacturers . These are challenging applications requiring both high quality and high consistency. Most have already successfully tested EnviroCB across a wide range of potential applications, including components of pneumatic tyres. As EnviroCB meets these technical demands, it opens the door to market volumes that will support new Enviro plants.