Enviro Wins Recircle Award

Scandinavian Enviro Systems has been declared winner in the Tyre Pyrolysis Award category at the new international event Recircle Awards.

The Recircle Awards have been instituted by leading international players in the rubber and tyre industry to raise the profile of companies contributing to the development of a global circular economy in this key sector.

The award highlights the progress Enviro has made both in the development of its technology, but also in developing routes to widescale deployment.

“Innovation is the core of the circular economy and a necessity for a sustainable future, which is the very foundation of Enviro’s operations. Attention like this is an important part of spreading global knowledge of developments in our industry and of Enviro. It also reinforces our position as the leading actor, which strengthens the foundation of our expansion. We are honoured by the award,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro

In their announcement, The Recircle Awards writes of Enviro’s win: “In recognition of a particularly noteworthy contribution to the tyre recycling sector by a pyrolysis company.”