Enviro rCB used in Volvo Car Components

For more than a year, Enviro has been supplying recycled carbon black to Volvo Cars via AnVa Polytech’s environmental rubber compound. Since then, Volvo Cars has significantly increased its use of environmental rubber compound. Today, Enviro’s carbon black is found in around twenty different types of components in every Volvo car.

All chassis and body plugs of rubber in Volvo Cars’ car models are currently manufactured from AnVa’s environmental rubber compound. For Volvo Cars, it’s an important area of investment to increase the use of sustainable materials.

For Enviro, Volvo Cars’ increased use of environmental rubber compound is an important step towards establishing a circular economy within the tyre and rubber industry, and not least for forthcoming deals relating to recycling facilities.

“The fact that a world-leading vehicle manufacturing company such as Volvo Cars has chosen to use Enviro’s recycled materials is very important in negotiations with all our interested parties. Interest is increasing in both the carbon black product and the recycling technology”, says Thomas Sörensson.