Enviro Supplies rCB for use in Industrial Tyres

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Another breakthrough by Enviro https://www.envirosystems.se/en/news/international-tyre-manufacturer-places-new-order-on-enviros-recycled-carbon-black/….. Using rCB in tyres (or ‘tires’ – depending on which side of the ‘pond’ you live) is the ideal use for recovered Carbon Black.  Tyres account for about 70% of all carbon black use and recycling it within this sector is key to increasing recycling volumes. All rubber applications require […]

Putting a Stake in the Ground for Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)

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A topic of debate at the Sustainable Materials Group ( http://www.sustainable-materials-group.com) annual meeting was (almost inevitably) recovered Carbon Black (rCB) standards. An ASTM standard is being developed (committee D36) aimed at defining tests that allow compounders to judge how any specific rCB will perform. Some current conventional CB tests have been selected, but rCB specific […]

Enviro and Volvo Trucks Facilitates use of rCB in Truck Tyres

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Enviro’s recycled carbon black may soon be approved for use in truck and bus tyres as a result of discussions between Volvo Trucks and Enviro through the RISE circular economy research project. This further illustrates the pace of change in the tyre and vehicle manufacturing sector.  Tyre manufacturers have previously shied away from using rCB. […]

Enviro Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Approved for use in Wärtsilä Power Plants

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Wärtsilä Finland Oy has verified that Enviro’s tyre pyrolysis oil (TPO) meets their quality standards and can be used as fuel in their power plants with Wärtsilä medium speed diesel engines as prime movers. “The fact that our oil meets Wärtsilä’s strict quality requirements is positive on several levels. We’ve been working together for a […]