Putting a Stake in the Ground for Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)

A topic of debate at the Sustainable Materials Group ( http://www.sustainable-materials-group.com) annual meeting was (almost inevitably) recovered Carbon Black (rCB) standards. An ASTM standard is being developed (committee D36) aimed at defining tests that allow compounders to judge how any specific rCB will perform. Some current conventional CB tests have been selected, but rCB specific tests are needed to enable rCB categorisation and performance prediction – as currently achieved for conventional Carbon Black (CB).

Until this day appears, compounders need to make their own comparisons. Some tests used on CB are relevant and can be used to compare rCBs. However the proof of the pudding is in the eating so for now testing rCB in a compound and undertaking manufacturing tests is required. By testing an rCB in a compound the compounder has their own ‘stake in the ground’ and is thus able to compare performance with other materials. Vanlead (tires), Volvo / Anva (chassis grommets), Alvenius (pipe seals) and Trelleborg (industrial tires) have now completed both lab and production testing of EnviroCB, so have their own individual ‘stakes in the ground’.