Enviro Supplies rCB for use in Industrial Tyres

Another breakthrough by Enviro https://www.envirosystems.se/en/news/international-tyre-manufacturer-places-new-order-on-enviros-recycled-carbon-black/…..

Using rCB in tyres (or ‘tires’ – depending on which side of the ‘pond’ you live) is the ideal use for recovered Carbon Black.  Tyres account for about 70% of all carbon black use and recycling it within this sector is key to increasing recycling volumes.

All rubber applications require specific performance from the rubber compound, and tyres probably more than most. These are complex and typically highly engineered products and using rCB is not necessarily straightforward.  When we first started talking to tyre manufacturers they were seeking like-for-like replacement of (say) N660 CB.  Since 2016 we’ve noticed a gradual change in viewpoint and a number of tyre manufacturers are now actively exploring the use of rCB (http://2gbiopower.com/useful-links/).

Rather than requiring a 1:1 replacement for a virgin CB, manufacturers appear to be increasingly considering how best and where they can use such a product as rCB.  There are various options, for example using rCB in low concentrations does not affect compound performance. A more advanced approach is to reformulate compounds to use rCB whilst still achieving the required performance. Clearly, also, selecting in which tyres and tyre components is key.

Enviro’s success in securing an offtake for its rCB for industrial tyre manufacture is another step forward.