rCB – The Debate

The debate continues on recovered Carbon Black(rCB). Martin von Wolfersdorff has created a new linked in group (www.linkedin.com/groups/13561991) opening up discussion on tyre pyrolysis and an early theme is that of rCB quality and use. rCB can be made to work well as Enviro’s product demonstrates by meeting the needs of Volvo (grommets) and Alvenius (pipe seals). However we also know that the process and compound formulation may need modifying. Our initial experience with approaching tyre manufactures was that rCB didn’t meet their needs; mainly because it isn’t a direct replacement for (say) N660. However clearly Vanlead (China) have a different view and it is becoming apparent that most tyre manufacturers are starting to think ‘how can I use this product?’ rather than only considering a direct replacement. The tyre world is turning, albeit slowly!